How to send large files

Would not it be nice if we can send arbitrarily large files simply through our email? Unfortunately, most email servers limit you to a 10MB file. In addition, you recipients have a quota on their Inbox. When you send a large file, they will curse you for jamming up their Inbox.

What are some other options? Of course, you can use FTP. First, you have to set up an FTP account with someone, and pay a monthly fee, even if you only send large files occasionally. Then you create a  login and password for your recipients. Then you download an FTP client program and upload your files. Then you email your recipients the login and password. When your recipients receive it, they have to get an FTP client program too, then login, type the password, download the files and remember to correlate the download files with your email. Wow! That is a lot of work for both you and your recipients. There are other options than FTP, but they do not make life any easier for you.

We are happy to announce that there is now an easier way. Our Outlook Attachment Manager product allows you to send large files through the Cloud. You click “Insert File via Cloud” button, then browse and find your file, and you are done. The program automatically uploads the file to the Cloud and insert a link into your email. You recipients simply click the link to see your file. Best of all, you only pay for the actual Cloud storage at $0.15/GB-month (using Amazon S3). Try this for free and you will discover how easier it is.


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