Store Outlook email attachments in Cloud.

Are you running out of space in your Outlook Inbox? Are you fed up with archiving/backing up your PST file?

Our Outlook Attachment Manager product allows you to store all your attachments in the Cloud securely, and it could save you a lot of hassles. It is

  • Reliable. No more worry about backup and archive. Cloud automatically replicates your data to provide high reliability.
  • Secure. Your attachments can be encrypted and you hold on to the password, so that no one, not even your Cloud provider, can see your data.
  • Cheap.  Amazon S3′ $0.15 pricing is significantly lower than your Exchange storage cost. It is even cheaper than Google Apps’ pricing of $50/year.
  • Convenient. Send large attachments (up to 5GB using S3) directly from your email client.
  • Polite: Send all attachments through the Cloud so that you do not jam up your recipient’s Inbox.
  • Unlimited. Your CIO may give you a quota, Google Apps may set you a limit (25GB), but you can store as much as you want in Amazon S3.
  • Accessible anywhere. Read you attachments even when you are on the plane.
  • Hassle free. No need to copy over a big PST file when switching to a new PC.
  • More efficient. Significantly reduce your Inbox size so that your Outlook is more efficient to startup, browse, search and index.

We are now listed in Amazon’s Solution Catalog (Attachment Manager solution).


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