Nielsen to Disable Employees’ ‘Reply to All’ E-mail Functionality

Nielsen, the TV rating company, wants to disable reply-all for all employees. As outrageous as it sounds, they do have a valid point. One of the reasons cited is to “free up server space”. When one sends an email to a mass mailing list, the same email is stored multiple times on the email server, eating us precious space. Since email storage costs a lot, it makes sense to cut down as much as possible, especially in this economical environment.

However, there is an alternative where you can not only reduce the email storage cost, but also avoid provoking your employees. Using the Outlook Attachment Manager, you can offload your email storage to Amazon S3 at an attractive price of $0.15/GB/month. Best of you, you do not have to worry about backup/Disaster Recovery/Record retention anymore — Cloud provider takes care of that.

Try Attachment Manager for free to see what you are missing.


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