How to send large files through Cloud directly from MS Outlook

Sending a large file attachment has always been a big hassle. Most email servers limit you up to 10MB. Even if you can send, it will annoy the hell out of your recipients because it eats up their precious Inbox space. There are work arounds. You can use FTP, or sharepoints, or you can use services on the web which allow you to upload the file there first. But all these solutions have drawbacks:

  • Inconvenient: You have to upload file manually, you have to manage login/passwords.
  • Costly: You probably have to pay a high monthly fee regardless you send or not.
  • Insecure: The storage is shared with someone else. You never know who may have peeked at your data.

With Outlook Attachment Manager, you now can send large file attachments directly from your MS Outlook client, securely through your own storage account at Amazon S3. See the video demo on how to.


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